Why ChemiTek

We produce and develop innovative and differentiated products in order to solve the problems of our customers! Due to that, the products will be developed as a result of needs of the market and the company's.
Consequently, the position will be find partners who have specific problems where we can act and solve with our Know-How, and above all providing the ideal products for each area / customer. All of our products are environmentally friendly!

About us​

ChemiTek is a company dedicated to developing and commercializing customized solutions for industrial maintenance. Has a diversity portfolio, presenting several innovative solutions for industrial purposes in several sectors, namely solar, automotive, naval, aeronautics and waste treatment. ChemiTek positions itself as a company dedicated to developing and commercialising innovative solutions destined to satisfy specific cleaning and maintenance needs of several industrial sectors.


Some problem? We solve it! Contact Us!

  • info@chemitek.pt
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