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Industrial Glass Protect

Is a durable anti-soiling coating with hydrophobic characteristics which has been developed by CHEMITEK® to easily apply on Industrial glass or PV solar glass to minimize adhesion of any kind of dirt and maximize its removal.

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Glass treated with our anti-Soiling coating with hydrophobic characteristics soils1 less quickly, it’s easier to clean and it can last for several years.

1Soils – Dust accumulation

If applied to PV solar glass, then modules can maintain their optimal performance for longer with fewer cleaning cycles and less labour.

How To Apply

Product key benefits:
— Free from fluorocarbons and other cumulative chemicals that negatively affect environment;
— No titanium dioxide (TiO2) or any other nanoparticles that may affect human health;
— Environmental friendly (Non-Toxic & Biodegradable);
— Faster and easier cleaning, which allow reduced use of consumables;
— Fewer cleaning cycles needed, saving in O&M costs;
— UV resistant and stable, essential in areas with high sun loads;
— Ready to use and easy to apply;
— Short curing time even at room temperature.

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